Darshita Gillies

  • “Darshita is a real thought leader in the ESG space. I’ve found her passion towards trying to catalyse change in this space and her energy in mobilising people around her towards the cause really inspiring.”

    - Shanika Amarasekara MBE
    Non-Exec Director, Executive Committee & General Counsel British Business Bank

  • “The most amazing person I have met and worked … for building a stronger team spirit and a high performing team culture.”

    - Georges Elhedery 

    Group Chief Financial Officer - HSBC

  • “Darshita is forward-thinking, with a broad-minded approach. I have the pleasure of working with Darshita on the advisory board at NEDonBoard, and rarely come across such real talent. She has a very pragmatic, logical and firm approach when making recommendations and is able to maximise efficiency in her work life. Darshita has the rare ability to zoom in and zoom out in any situation.”

    - Jean-Philippe Perraud
    Director NEDonBoard

  • “Darshita is a visionary with an extraordinary ability to bring people together for collective action, innovation, and achievement...She is an inspiration.”

    - Professor David Cooperrider
    Case Western University

  • “Darshita is a rare and refulgent gift to civil society's hopes for a better world.”

    - Leslee Udwin
    British Filmmaker, Human Rights Activist, Founder - Think Equal

  • “Darshita is an incredible listener. She is very quiet but then suddenly uses her voice to give nuggets of wisdom.”

    - Kim Polman
    Chair - Reboot the Future

  • Darshita embodies the world of the past and future... she is able to be highly professional and creative at the same time, while upholding deep family values. She is a model for the new generation of this global era.”

    - Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo
    Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican

  • Darshita is a person of wisdom, imagination and organisational intelligence – a great comrade and a creative contributor to the development of more effective leadership.”

    - Lord Bishop of Derby Dr Alastair Redfern

  • “Darshita has put together a truly worthy company with Maanch … by focusing on aligning impact with greater transparency, measurability, and focus. Maanch can act as a "force multiplier” … and it wouldn't exist without Darshita's indomitable will and drive.”

    - Prof. David Shrier

    Futurist, Author of BASIC BLOCKCHAIN

  • “Darshita has the gravitational pull of a supernova and brain the size of a planet”

    - Andrew Macleod

    Chairman, Non-Executive Director, Visiting Professor, Author, Speaker

  • “Darshita has a global purpose, which is genuinely for the greater good. I believe, she has ability to deliver a global solution to the critical global problems of today.”

    - Lord Stone of Blackheath

    Ex-Group Managing Director of Marks & Spencer